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Little Oak Design Co.
Vincent's Tablecloth.png

pattern play

Organic. Moody. Peaceful. I work with a combination of digital and analog art techniques to craft patterns that reflect the best of tradition, nature, and modern style.

Mockup image of a powder room bathroom with blue wainscoating on the bottom half and a colorful pattern of small blocks on the wall.
Rusty red, orange, and light blue tulips dance on a dark blue background.
Orange and white koi fish swim in groups of three around lily pads.
Columns of light blue and cream flowers with orange centers alternate on a dark blue background.
Three candles on a white background. Each candle features a different pattern: the first has an art-deco style tiled repeat of snowdrop flowers, the second features cream leaf sprigs on a light sage background, and the third has stylised hydrangeas on a mustard background.
A botanical tile pattern on a seafoam green background.
A bedroom wall with an iron bedstead and a painting hanging on the wall. The wallpaper features short bursts of pen strokes with a handdrawn feel.
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