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Journal Entry 01: Creation vs. Generation in the Digital Age

Creating vs. Generating: which do you spend more time doing?

The digital landscape rewards generation: the content mill is always churning onward to the next video, the newest project, the latest launch. It’s tempting to fall prey to that philosophy in the way we live, too. We’re the microwave generation - instant gratification is the name of the game.

I don’t believe we were made for that. Sure, convenience is a blessing of the modern age, but addiction to it ruins us over time.

Creating something involves your whole person: mind, body, and emotions. It takes time. It reminds us of our own creatureliness in a world much larger than ourselves.

So even though I have to “generate” content to stay in front of you here on the internet, please know that my heart is to encourage both of us to spend more time on creating.

A few things have changed around here since I started Little Oak last year, but some things remain the same: I’ll always hoard pretty art supplies; I'm forever in love with blue and white; and I’m still passionate about helping you add creativity and beauty into your world. Thanks for being here. 🤍

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I'm happy I found your site. Your kits that you offer are lovely. I appreciate that you also offer downloadable patterns. My mother and grandmother taught me the basics of embroidery. I am excited to have found a place where I can learn another new stitch.


Dear Hannah,

So happy I found you! Thank you so much for sharing your art and creativity.

Respondendo a

Thank you, Rosemary! I'm so happy you're here - it really is a privilege to have kind people like you along for the ride!

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